17 People Post Pictures That You Can't See Anywhere Else

People share pictures online for many reasons, and one of them is that they want to let other people into their lives. They may also want to learn new things, feel good about themselves, and keep up with friends and family. No matter the reason, everyone posts pictures on social media. We're glad we have a way to share these pictures with you.

"When I was in high school, my friend and I really planned to go to the costume party."

"This snow puppy was made by my wife without much thought."

"There is a cloud of "cotton candy" on top of this coffee."

 "The muscles of this cat"

"A nearby pizza place stopped using the plastic things and started using a dough ball instead to keep the pizza together."

"My vacuum's back looks like a guy with dreads."

"I found these little matches."

"This is a camera for change rooms, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, and more."

"Antheraea polyphemus—it looks like a tarantula but has wings."

People will be interested in the price, the nails, etc.

"My carpet has a plant growing through it."

 "A squared fried egg"

"A very bright snake"

"Another pine cone in Australia"

"A bird that looks weird."

"It's too cold to run in Canada right now."

"A passenger laid down a bed and fell asleep at the gate."

Source - brightside.me

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