16 people showed their faces after the Full Face rejuvenation procedure, which often causes heated debate online

Young people sadly lose their youth very quickly. Cosmetologists help people who refuse to believe they are getting older and do everything they can to look more like the ideal of beauty. These wizards know how to stop what's going to happen.

A new treatment called "Full Face" appeared in beauty salons not long ago. She can make anyone look completely different in just one session. She can make them look younger and fix the oval shape of their face and lips. This kind of change often makes people wonder a lot because they don't think it's possible.

From a simple guy to a Hollywood star

Now, you can become a supermodel.

Someone will now have to change their passport photo.

The process makes it possible to rejuvenate the face thoroughly. The process usually doesn't take more than an hour.

Modern cosmetology works real miracles.

One session and you're a superstar

Men and women alike enjoy this process. Everyone wants to look better and younger

Barbie doll

Incredible transformation

They are two different people.

The procedure can make you a new person.

Ten years younger

Can't be

Cosmetologists transform even young girls.

Friends won't know.

He was handsome, but he became even better

Miracle transformation

Online, there are often heated arguments about the Full Face method. Some Lyuli are sure that it won't work in the long run and will sooner or later make aging even worse. Others think the process is a natural cure-all for getting old and fixing several cosmetic problems.

Now the oval of the face has become more expressive


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