30 Reasons Why 1970s Men's Fashion Should Never Return

The fashion revolution, disco music, feminism, free-flowing hallucinogenic drugs, and compassion were all part of the unique style of the 1970s, which we now love to hate. Even though there were some pretty cool fashion trends, men's fashion in the 1970s skipped all the cool stuff and went right to the bad. Shiny men's clothes made of spandex? How cool! Shiny bell-bottom pants that hug the hips? Yes, you bet! Men's fashion: chest hair, pornstaches, bright leisure suits, and short shorts that show too much skin? How crazy! There's no way these 70s fashion relics will ever come back in all seriousness, so we can safely remember them while wearing jeggings and Yeezys and not worry about seeing a man-bulge on the street.

If you're still unsure that 70s fashions were terrible, look at these men's fashion mistakes from the decade to see what we mean. We compiled a list of horrible things that even the designers can't explain. So scroll down to see the horrifyingly beautiful clothes below.

Source - boredpanda.com

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