The Greatest Photographs Ever Taken Without the Photoshop

There is something very relaxing about a perfect shot. Such pictures please your inner OCD and make you feel great. We have a group of these kinds of photos, and you'll likely love them. Here you go!

1. The Ball


Have you ever thought of a ball like this? Isn't it the best ball you've ever seen?

2. The Government

This is your chance if you've ever wanted to see how we divide the world. You'll never see anything better in your life.

3. The Blowout


This still needs to be changed. You are looking at the Icelandic volcano erupting. Isn't it cool? It's just right!

4. Beach in Italy!


You are looking at a Beach in Italy right now. I wish I had been here when I wrote this one!

5. Flamingos!


This picture is unique. This group of flamingos in the Yucatan Peninsula is shaped like a flamingo. Isn't it beautiful in every way?

6. Westerdok District, Amsterdam


Westerdok District in Amsterdam is excellent! And anyone who has any questions about that can look at this picture right here.

7. With Obama!

The truth is that any picture of Obama is perfect in every way. This one is better.

8. Hurricane of birds


Every time we see this picture, it makes us both scared and amazed. This right here is a birdy storm!

9. Rango


In case you didn't know, even animals can play the guitar. They have many skills. A lot more than people!

10. North Korea


People are in your sights. North Korea's first leader, Kim Il-sung, was born 100 years ago this year. So lovely and straight.

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