15 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Holy Cow!"

Many weird and strange things on the internet will make you wonder what the hell people are thinking.

The images you're about to see can't be put into words, partly because any effort to do so would be pointless. You don't have to think much about these pictures either. You'll make it through. Eventually.

We've put together this gallery with 15 of the best shots. Have fun while you scroll down. The pictures have links that will take you to where they were taken. Please look at more of these artists' work on their websites or collections.

1. Get your anus ready.

2. oh! 

3. This cat might be related to Gollum in a way that's not very close.

4. I don't know what this pregnant woman wants to do with this picture.

5. This thing needs to be fixed.

6. A guy. His cat, too.

7. Seems natural.

8. Taking planking to the next level.

9. The funniest picture ever taken at just the right time!

10. It must be the food she ate.

11. This is very provocative

12. No pain, no gain.

13. Should you put it in your mouth or spit it out?

14. I think the kids are to blame.

15. Fool on your way to work?

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