30 Images That Answer the Question, 'What Happens If?'

You know how when you're looking for extra ketchup packets in the fridge, strange thoughts pop into your head? What would happen if you farted in a bucket of water and then put the water in the freezer with the fart bubbles in it?

Well, these pictures answer all those questions and more instantly. So please save time looking for answers on Google when you can scroll down this page to find them all. Trust us; this is better.

1. This is what happens if your cell phone vibrates while you're trying to take a picture of the Chicago skyline:

2. What happens if travellers don't touch bamboo trees during quarantine and it grows on their own?

3. What happens if you spray tan and then cry?

4. What Happens to a Coconut If You Put It in the Freezer?

5. What happens if an insect gets stuck between the printer and the pillowcase?

6. What happens if I open a Play-Doh container from ten years ago and find crystals inside?

7. What happens if you heat a regular marble over a flame and immediately drop it into cold water?

8. What happens to a wet stump when it freezes hard?

9. What happens to my black shirt if I leave it in the back of my car for years in the sun?

10. What happens if you spend a lot of time in the water and a nerve in your index finger gets cut?

11. Because of quarantine, what happens if you leave an apple and a banana in an office locker for six months?

12. What happens if high voltage is used to burn wood?

13. This happens when the roots of a tree in a cemetery get into the space inside a dead person's skull.

14. What happens when you pour water on a fire-burning oil?

15. If you polish a coconut, this is what happens:

16. If hair gets caught in a zipper, what happens?

17. If a bear breaks into my car, what will happen?

18. What happens if a strong storm picks up the road and moves it?

19. If fog gets in the way of the windmills, what happens?

20. If you put lemons and limes in water, this is what happens:

21. If I don't eat an artichoke right away, this is what happens.

22. What would happen if my grandmother used the same spoon in her coffee for the last 45 years?

23. What happens when a one-centimetre-diameter aluminium ball hits a one-centimetre-diameter aluminium block at about 15,000 miles per hour (ESA space debris impact research)?

24. If you put dish soap in a fountain, this is what will happen:

25. What happens if I leave a bowl of beet juice on the counter by accident?

26. This is what happens when lightning strikes Scotland's Dornoch Beach.

27. What will happen if my neighbour uses the most extended drill possible?

28. If you freeze-dry gummy worms, what happens?

29. This is what a basketball court looks like when the pipes burst.

30. This happens when tens of thousands go to a soccer stadium with road flares

Images Source - eBaum's World

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