20 Riotous Images of Student Life That Are Right On The Money

It's hard to enjoy being a student when dealing with homework, leisure activities, friends, and love. This is true, as shown by the crazy pictures in this post about student life.

We've put together 20 pictures to show you how hard things get for kids. Read on to find out how they are making it through college. 

The best example of Murphy's Law in a student's life is the difference between what they learn and what they are asked on the test.

When all you want to do is sleep, but 15% of your final grade is based on your attendance

When you do all the work for a group project

When the test is too hard, and you need to see if you're still alive

When you don't have money, being competent help

When you're writing an essay and trying to get to 500 words

"New instructions for the test"

This is what it looks like to be hopeless.

What makes a freshman different from a senior

When you know, you didn't do a good job, but you're just glad you got it done!

When you must go to the morning class no matter what.

When the teacher is about to change the PowerPoint, and you're still taking notes

When your alarm goes off, and you try to remember how many times you've already missed that class

Oh, that's painful!

This store is right next to a hotel.

Only put the essential things in bold.

There are people right there to make you feel better.

"I bought these cups without money because I'm a college student."

I don't have time to talk; I must finish my work!

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