Weird things that people in different parts of the world find attractive

Each person sees beauty differently—people in many places around the world like things that might not meet the usual beauty standards. You won't believe that some of these strange things are also attractive.

1. Crooked teeth – Japan

In the United States, a perfect smile means having teeth in a straight line. In Japan, however, crooked teeth are considered cuter, and both men and women want them.

2. Scarification- Western Africa, New Guinea

In many parts of Africa, men get scars as part of a ceremony for coming of age. They are tattooed on women to make them look more attractive.
3. A heart-shaped face – South Korea

Plastic surgery is so joint in South Korea that signs are everywhere telling people to get it done. Even breaking bones in the face to make the chin pointier is not out of the question.

4. Excess Weight – Mauritania

Girls here are given 16,000 calories daily to get fat and look more attractive to men. They are sent to unique "farms" where they stay for a few months.

5. Pointed Nose – Iran

In Iran, getting a nose job or rhinoplasty is a fashion trend. Even if the surgery costs a lot, people still get it done. Those who can't show up in public with a surgical dressing on their nose to make it look like they've had surgery.

6. Pale Skin – China

The most beautiful people in China and other parts of Asia are those with pale skin. Even beauty creams contain bleach to lighten the skin's color.

7. High Forehead – The Fula People

The people of the Fula tribe shave the front of their heads to make their foreheads look bigger.

8. A Long Neck – Burma

Burma is known as "the country of giraffe women" for a good reason: the Kayan women wear long brass rings around their necks to make them look longer.

9. Stretched Lips – The Mursi People

The Mursi people of Ethiopia try very hard to get their lower lips to grow by putting a disk on them. The higher a girl's status and how much she is wanted, the wider her lips are. But they need to give more money as dowry as well.

10. Unibrows – Tajikistan

Girls who aren't born with one brow tend to join their brows with makeup.

11. Small Chest – France

In France, women with small chests are more sought after. Girls with big chests try to hide them, so they look better.

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