This is What Happens to Coloring Books When adults try to color them

Coloring books are a lot of fun for kids. But aren't kids the only ones who spend hours coloring? Reconsider your position. A lot of grown-ups also like this kind of art. Adult coloring books are also becoming more popular nationwide; some have even made bestseller lists. It's not hard to see why. In addition, adult coloring has a lot of health benefits, such as the chance to be creative, relieve stress, and feel calm, to name a few.

The results may sometimes differ from what you expect because adults have very different ideas than children—coloring books for bad kids. People in the online community subreddit spend their time posting their weird and darkly funny work. Some people find them funny and creative, while others find them disgusting and immoral. Please scroll down to see what they look like.

Images Credit - Coloringcorruptions

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