Amazing Images That Are Totally Insane

We know that pictures are a great way to get people interested more than they are fun. Some move us; some make us laugh, some that make us think, and a very small number that drives us crazy.

A day for an old man

We've seen many older people keep their cool even as they age. This uncle is a good example; look at his t-shirt to see what he says to his critics.

Things can't get any funnier.

The athlete who makes the most money in the world and is the best at what he does is being cared for by many bodyguards, which is very strange since he is the current world heavyweight champion.
That is quite a statement.

We like humor that makes fun of itself, and this one takes the cake for being way too humble.

The fact that it is said outright that he used to be cool is saying something.

She has a certain charm 

Looking at her, we realize that charm can be contagious and that it's possible to look both beautiful and natural simultaneously.

Iron man is at it

We've seen a lot of strange things, but this one is right up there with them. We're still determining to who Iron Man is showing some of his tricks, but it looks funny no matter what it is.

Beast has arrived.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the highest-paid actor in the world for a reason. He keeps pumping iron to look in shape, which is a monster.

The best way to sell

We've seen a lot of good ways to market things, but this one is so obvious that it caught us off guard.

But we love the idea of being sneaky.

No one can do that better.

We've seen many people relax by the pool, but no one has done it as well as she has with their eyes and mood. That's the most impressive thing about it.

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