Plus-size models ask photographers to make them slimmer, showing how much Photoshop can change your body.

It's hard to know what's real and what's not these days. Most of the pictures we see on social media or in magazines have been changed in some way using photo editing software. This has given us unrealistic ideas of beauty and is slowly changing how we see the world. But some people won't let this happen and want to show people the truth.

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe, two beautiful plus-size models, worked with professional photographer Karizza to show how the media takes photo editing to a new level. Diana and Callie's picture was taken, and then Karizza used Photoshop to change their body images.

Diana wrote in her Instagram post, "I have to say we look great both ways." "The point of this was to show you how magazines and the media take editing to a different level. Some of those photoshopped pictures don't even look like the people in them. We live in a society with so much fakery that it's time to bring back the real. "Be yourself and kill!"

Look at the before and after pictures of the beautiful women below and tell us what you think.

More Info & Images Credit - Diana's Instagram /  Callie's Instagram

Callie, on the left, and Diana, on the right, are two beautiful women who wanted to show how magazines and the media take editing to a different level.

They asked a professional photographer to use Photoshop on their bodies to show how much can be changed with the software.

In the same post, they showed the original image, which told people to "Own who you are and slay."

This wasn't the first time these women told people to love their bodies.

Diana posted a picture of her body next to Kim Kardashian's and wrote, "We are both women with different bodies."

The main message of these girls is that everyone should love themselves, which everyone can get behind.

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