10 Tricky Sights That Will Definitely Make You Think Twice

Photography is an art that can do many different things at once. One type of photography art is called "trick photography." It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to take pictures in the digital age. We like it because it's fun to look at and accept, and even more fun. Photoshop is still handy, but trick shots are a great way to show how smart and talented you are. So the next time you go on vacation, try taking some tricky photos to share and inspire instead of taking a selfie with your friends. We at fabdreem have wanted to put together a list of clever trick pictures that you have to look at twice to figure out.

1. Eiffel Tower's magic

Undoubtedly, seeing a child in a state of pure pleasure is pure joy.

Here, the photographer tried to get a picture of a girl holding the Eiffel Tower in her hands. What a great idea!

2. How hard is too hard

We didn't know that if we pushed it hard enough, the balloon would start to move. That's the beauty of your imagination, a trick, a skill, and creativity, and you get this.
3. Big is the new small

While everyone else was taking pictures of the scenery and the beauty of the scene, a photographer focused on his big camera showed up.

4. Not a collage

Even you might have thought for a while that it was just a made-up picture of ships flying through the air, but if you look at it closely, you'll see that it's a picture of boats on the sea.

5. Is it intentional or what

We're still trying to figure out if he did this on purpose or because he was stuck with something there. This means that the photographer had a great time taking this shot.

6. Yoga skills out there

The photographer here has added a whole new dimension by capturing the pose of this girl who is very into Yoga. We like the trick and angle the photographer has used here.

7. Get in to a new country

We've seen people move to other countries or settle there, but is this really how it's done? The photographer here got a great shot of this.

8. When vacation is all about fun

We all know that going on vacation is pure, unadulterated fun, and when you add a photographer to the mix, the fun goes through the roof. This is precisely what happened here.

9. World's biggest water bottle for sure

The world is running out of water as a resource. We need more water, but we will use anything we can get our hands on. If we have water bottles like these, nothing can stop us.

10. Have you seen such a swimsuit

Even though many of us agree that swimsuits are the best part of beach vacations, this woman's suit is something to be jealous of. All credit goes to the photographer, who is our hero.

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