50 Vintage Photos That Prove Your Grandparents Are Cooler Than You

Bored Panda asked its fans to send in pictures of their grandparents when they were excellent. From grandmas hanging out with Ernest Hemingway and modelling Volvos in the 1950s to grandfathers sledging through Antarctica, doing motorbike stunts, and even playing with their pet polar bears, this list will make you wonder what on earth you're doing with your life. Remember to vote for the character you think is the best.

1. My grandmother sent me a photo of my grandfather when he was my age to make me feel bad.

2. My Great Grandfather Gave Einstein Violin Lessons

3. My Grandparents Were Wearing Each Other's Clothes, 1943

4. My grandmother in the 1940s

5. My grandmother is on the wing of my dad's crop duster. I know she did this a few times.

6. My grandma. At her funeral, this picture was next to her coffin (the Late 60s Or Early 70s)

7. My grandmother, called "Kidd," couldn't join the Air Force because she was a woman. So, she taught young men in Stephenville, Texas, how to fly during World War II and the 1940s.

8. The day before my grandfather joined the Marines in 1941,

9. My grandmother after she fled communist Bulgaria and went to Germany (1978)

10. This is a picture of my grandfather after his plane was shot down.

11. My favourite photo of my grandmother, taken in 1942. She is strong and raised six kids independently after leaving her alcoholic husband. Worked as a cook in a gas station from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Back then, I would stay with her every weekend and sleep on the gas station floor. She's Wonderful

12. My Grandfather Is Crazy

13. My grandfather liked cosplay before it became "cool."

14. In the 1950s, my fantastic grandfather was holding a fish, smoking a cigarette while reading a book, and carrying a pack of cigarettes in his sleeve.

15. My grandmother smokes a cigarette on the farm. She wore pants and did whatever the hell she wanted, 1938

16. During World War II, my badass grandpa stole a car from the Nazis.

17. My grandmother died of cancer not long ago. This picture of her will always is one of my favourites.

18. My grandmother with John Glenn, Gus Grissom, and Alan Shepherd, who were on Mercury 7 at the time (September 14, 1959)

19. My great-grandfather showing off one of the horses he trained for World War I - Petawawa, c. 1922

20. My great-great-grandfather, the samurai of a small coal-mining town in Kyushu, is pictured with my grandmother and one of her sisters around 1900.

21. My great-grandmother was a welder during World War II.

22. Today, my grandfather died. I'm going to tell you how badass he was.

23. My grandmother died not long ago. My grandfather sent me this picture so I could see a man's appearance when he was in love. They were married for over 60 years.

24. If I could only be half as badass as my grandfather on Memorial Day, 1960

25. My Great Grandpa Eddie. Omaha 1939

26. My Grandma Was in Charge of Air Traffic. On March 11, she would have been 97.

27. My Grandfather's Badass Swandive, from 1930

28. My Finnish grandfather smoking a cigarette and holding a wild fox he befriended (Circa 1975)

29. This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. Back in the day, our 86-year-old grandmother

30. My Grandma Posing in Her Flight Attendant Uniform - 1972

31. My great-grandmother is driving her brand-new car. She was probably the first Indian woman in the western US to own a vehicle (April 7, 1916)

32. My grandmother died last week. She was a naval nurse.

33. My grandparents were on a date in 1960. My Favorite Picture

34. So, it looks like my grandfather was a badass.

35. In 1926, my grandmother was riding her motorcycle.

36. A picture of my grandpa at the FBI Academy. During the Cold War, he found and hired spies.

37. In 1959, my grandmother showed the Three-Point Belt to Volvo as a model.

38. The last wedding photo in my grandparents' album (1954)

39. My grandfather stopped a bomb from going off on Martin Luther King's front porch. He was buried on MLK Day three years ago.

40. This week, my grandmother turned 98. She was in her full uniform as a nurse during World War II.

41. My Stud Grandfather around the time of WW2. He was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor happened. He joined the army and fought on a gunboat hit by enemy fire at Iwo Jima. He surfed in Honolulu with some famous surfers. For 60 years, he worked as a barber.

42. Ernest Hemingway and my grandmother talking in Havana, Cuba, in 1952

43. The grandparents of a friend, in California in the 1940s

44. In 1936, my grandmother looked a lot like Arya Stark.

45. My grandfather, on a motorcycle he stole from a Nazi a few weeks after American troops freed him from a concentration camp in Landsberg, Germany (May 1945). He had been in concentration camps for four years around Poland and Germany.

46. My grandmother with Sultan, her favourite lion from her troop, in front of the plane she flew just after World War II (1947)

47. My grandfather after he won first place in the county beard contest. His prize was the hat. Circa 1954

48. I used to call my grandmother every Mother's Day, but it has been a few years since I have done so. I wanted to share this with her.

49. My grandmother (Top) was a badass in World War II (the 1940s)

50. Don't mess with my great-grandmother, Emma Hagen, a North Dakota homesteader in the 1910s.

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