10 Girls Who Can't Live Like Other Normal Girls But Are Better

Some girls would rather have Cheetos bits on their fingers than a highlighter swatch, a shoelace instead of an expensive choker, and jammies instead of a pricey outfit. They don't fit the many stereotypes about what a young woman should do and look like. We also love it!

Someone else gets their nails done. I get Bugles fingers!

In today's world, it means something different to be different. Someone wants to look different by getting their nails done nicely, and someone wants to get bugles on their fingers.

There are many ways to hang out by the pool.

You can sit near the pool and pose in a bikini to look hot or accept the weather and cover-up.
Spicy Cheetos crumbs on your fingers can't be made up for with makeup.

Putting Cheetos crumbs on your fingers is better than putting on makeup. At least you don't just have bad-tasting makeup on your fingers; you also have something that tastes better.

On Halloween, there are two kinds of girls.

Your outfit says a lot about who you are. Some people would rather wear a scary costume than one that is comfortable. How do you know?

There's no time to take a selfie.

This picture is so beautiful on its own. To take selfies, you either have a lot of energy, time, and space on your phone or don't care. Or you have nothing at all.

Ordinary girl's choker vs. Nike shoelace

There are many kinds of sexy chokers. But a Nike one is just next level. The Nike one is more expensive than the original one.

When asked to send a picture,

You can be both, that's for sure. You can be expected and have a great picture or show your sense of humor in your photographs.

If you ask for a highlighter,

This picture shows that there are two different kinds of women. Your choice of highlighter says a lot about what kind of person you are and which you like better than the other!

Comfort is more important to me than what other people think.

People who don't care are the best. Because their idea of what comfort is is just crazy. They can put their convenience ahead of what other people think, just like this girl did.

When you didn't know how you were feeling today

You can be both. It's fine. When you can't decide what kind of mood you're in, wear whatever you want, just like this girl, who was so confused that she put her cuissardes on only one leg.

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