These People Had One Job To Do. But, Still Manage To Screw It Up

It's not easy to get a job, and it will be even harder to do your job well every time. Well, everyone makes mistakes at least once in a while. If these flaws are okay, we can learn how to do better next time. But sometimes, people do stupid things that are bad enough to shame them. Even though those people have only one job, they still manage to mess it up. They needed to look over their work more carefully, and then they dropped the ball.

A subreddit called r/onejob keeps track of photos of funny work mistakes that people have made here and there. This gives us a lot of fun to look at. In some cases, we need to understand how products with such apparent mistakes can be released to the public. Check out the pictures below to see some of the funniest ones.

1. Visible Confusion

2. Mermaids Have Butts

3. Posted The Sign

4. Fine

5. To Fend Off Covid

6. Someone Must Struggle So Hard

7. So Confused

8. No, That's An Avocado

9. This Year Has Sucked, But C'mon…

10. They Love Biking So Much

11. Elmo has eyes behind his head.

12. It's Still Good To This Day

13. Education

14. Kitkat Or A Bar Of Chocolate?

15. I Ordered A Precision Screwdriver And Got Delivered Like This

16. One Space Was All It Was Needed

17. That's A Tall Girl

18. Scohol

19. I Feel So Safe

20. No Chew

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