Here Are 20 Images Showing the Value of Quality And Good design

We like things that are good and don't like bad things. This is how we live. But bad ones happen more often than good ones. What gives? It's not like it's hard to find good things. It's because most good things stand there without being noticed. When we set a standard for something, we only pay attention to those who don't meet that standard. Well, that makes sense.

"Good design is invisible, bad design is everywhere" is a well-known saying among designers. Yes, it's a negative thing to say, but there are way too many bad designs out there. Just a small number of them are shown below. Today's post is a massive collection of bad designs that can make you cringe, cry, laugh, and feel like passing out simultaneously. So let's look at them with us by scrolling down. And if you think this post is funny, don't forget to share it with your family & friends.

1. Get a job

2. Better than cream cheese? No

3. So here they use blue for islands and orange for the sea

4. Wait until you cross your legs

5. 3 o’clock till eternity

6. Wondering what letters could possible go there

7. Never ever seen a more confusing pie chart in life

8. Feel kinda low around 6 o’clock, twice a day every day

9. What are these things for?

10. This instruction bends the laws of physics

11. That plane must have some turbulence

12. Pretty sure Germany, Russia, and India don’t use those flags anymore

13. New leemoon – sparkling lemonade

14. New eye test format

15. Finally, I can bounce around underneath Spider-Man’s crotch, just like what I’ve always wanted!

16. First thing first, please change your designer

17. It’s… not appropriate to say that

18. Try this a$$ cafe


20. You ake m hpp

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