10+ Tricky photos that completely fooled us

We found these tricky pictures on the Internet and couldn't help but share them with you.

When we say things like "This looks good to me" or "I'll believe it when I see it," we usually trust our eyes. Even so, our eyes don't always tell the truth. Think about this: try to figure out what you're about to see.

You might have seen strange things around you, like cars flying through the air on the street, eyes floating in the air and staring at you in the dark, or even the whole galaxy in your cup of coffee. Look at them by scrolling down. Make sure you have soap close by because you might want to wash your eyes and then look at these pictures again.

1. The snow on my porch looks like the face of a polar bear.

2. From above, this puddle looks like a forest.

3. This shadow looks like it could be a spy.

4. I thought my car was floating above the parking lot.

5. The morning sun looks like a huge fireball when it shines through steam.

6. My shirt looks like two very different colors in different lights.

7. My lamp made my water bottles look like cats.

8. Because of the way this cat is marked, it looks like its nose is missing.

9. My friend's head looks right side up when it's turned upside down.

10. This kiwi looks like a kidney

11. I ran out of food coloring when making cookies, and now the dough looks like it could be used for a transplant.

12. My Turkish rosewater gummies look like sashimi

13. One of my students told me, "Mr. P, your iPhone is disguised as a calculator, and your calculator is disguised as an iPhone." I've had both for a long time but never put them together.

14. Snow that is melting reminds me of the Grinch.

15. The new surfboard of a friend of mine was made to look like a baguette.

16. The mother of my SO has cutting boards that, when put away, look like books.

17. While waiting for my parents at the airport, I saw that this woman's skirt was the same color as the floor.

18. I took a picture of Spanish ham, which looks like a vast ham standing in an airplane hangar.

19. The coffee shop's window gives the impression that this car sells pies out of the trunk.

20. My coffee looks like a galaxy

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