17 photos to show that people are smarter than they think

We, humans, have some pretty great ideas. We use it every single day. You know how to solve our problems and reach our goals. But what happens if you use it for more than just solving short-term problems? This is about some clever things people did, some of which they may not have even known were smart.

01. This Bar Uses Pasta As Straws Instead Of Plastic. Someone, at least, got it right.

02. A UNO belt made by a mother for the UNO championship

03. "Oh, look, they're on the fence,"

04. This is a group of people who care about their neighborhood. Find Out Something

05. This is real James Bond stuff, right out of the gate

06. Take your sweet tooth to the next level

07. Technically speaking, he is "wearing" a mask. In a way that we disagree with,

08. Now, THIS is something that makes a divorce worth it

09. Do you notice the fake grass? It's the men's bathroom. Good Thoughts Those who did it

10. This is a whole different level of being lazy.

11. These steps in a clinic tell you exactly how many calories you've burned by walking up them. The words "Clinical Steps."

12. How would it feel to wear a hat with extra hair?

13. Making milk containers soft so they can be used to hold cleaners? How Smart!

14. You can tell if someone has an artistic eye by the back of their car.

15. A manicure that is unique to you. Pay Attention

16. A piece of paper looks like a $100 bill lying on the floor. A pretty sure-fire way to get people to see their ads

17. This suit is made from 333 soft toys. Weight 26lb. Still, it's not so easy.

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