This photographer "fixes" people's photos by taking their requests way too literally.

James Fridman is a British digital artist who lives in London. He has a big social media following because he takes requests to change photos and does it, but with a funny twist. He won a Shorty Award in the "Weird" category even stranger. James also brings attention to social issues like bullying, depression, social pressure, and his funny edits. He also runs a foundation to help young people affected by these problems.

Do you want to see how this guy has messed with his clients? Here are the 16 best recent changes to photos. Scroll down to check them out, and if you like any of them, give them a thumbs up. We know these pictures will make you laugh out loud. Send your photos to James Fridman if you want someone to help you funnily photoshop them. He's always ready to help.

















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