The Animal Whisperer's Best Selfies With All of the Animals He Has Befriended

Most of us only snap selfies with our pets, usually cats or dogs. That's how far our animal selfie game has progressed.

Only at zoos or parks would we be able to take selfies with other animals. That's the end of it.

Photographing unusual animals is nothing new for photographer and adventurer Allan Dixon. He has mastered the art of snapping photos with exotic creatures, and his animal selfie game is kicking us all to the curb.

Dixon, who is originally from Ireland, has been traversing the world, meeting all of these creatures and befriending them enough to take photos with them. He has taken several smiling selfies with animals ranging from kangaroos and camels to sea lions and quokkas.

He began in 2015 and now has a sizable collection of lighthearted and amusing photos of various animals. On the other hand, the perfect animal selfie isn't always so easy to come by.

According to Dixon, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be able to shoot the perfect selfie in the presence of an animal.

But it's all worth it because every grin and facial expression is genuine and demonstrates certain similarities between people and animals. Here are a few of his beautiful photographs.

This gentleman is extremely fortunate to have taken many selfies with such amazing animals. These selfies, though, aren't just for Instagram.

Dixon also reminds us that behind all of these selfies are actual problems that these animals are dealing with, which we should be assisting in resolving. Reach out and provide your assistance in any manner you can.  

More Info & All the images credit - www.instagram/daxon

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