How Would Everything Look If It Had A Cat's Face?


Galina Bugaevskaya is a Moscow-based cat enthusiast. She adores cats and sees them all over the place. Galina is also the creator of the 'Koty Vezde' (Cats Everywhere) page, where she uses photoshop to put cat faces on anything from bees to pandas to snails and zebras. She even blends cat faces with inanimate items on occasion.

"The idea came to me pretty spontaneously around a year ago," the 30-year-old woman said when questioned about her enthusiasm for cats and the motivation behind the 'Cats are Everywhere' page. I had previously been using Photoshop to make various amusing things."

On the internet, Cats Everywhere has become a huge hit. If you don't believe us, check out the most incredible, funniest, and most awesome picture alterations of strange animals and objects with hairy cat faces further down.

More Info & Image Credit - Instagram / VK

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