Museums ask people to make their own versions of famous paintings at home. Here are 30 more hilarious pictures.

Individuals confined to their homes during the quarantine period find new ways to express their talents. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged art enthusiasts, asking people to share images of themselves replicating their favourite masterpieces from home. The museum has received many submissions in response to the invitation.

The Tussen Kunst en Quarantaine (Between Art and Quarantine) Instagram account based in Amsterdam provided the impetus for the Getty Museum challenge, which tasks participants with recreating their favorite piece of art using only three items found lying around their homes. The Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, also encourages people to demonstrate their love of art during the quarantine. This is in addition to the Getty Center, which is already doing this.

Please scroll down to see the hilarious results of people's versions.

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Neue Galerie New Yorkinspiration Of The Day - Lady With Fan By Gustav Klimt (1917-1918) And The Gorgeous Muse

Mona Lisa

Girl With The Purrl Earring

The Lady In A Fur Wrap

Salvador Dali - Isolation

The Way They Nailed Getty Museum Challenge

Recreation Of Pablo Picasso's Painting "A Women With A Bird"

My Contribution To The Getty Challenge. The Birth Of Venus By Botticelli

Lady 1-Ply, Keeper Of Non-Perishables And Protector Of The Soap

Getty Museum Challange

Our Take On The DIY Classic Art Challenge


‘Woman In Biscuits’ Recreation From Gustav Klimt's ‘Woman In Gold’ By Julia Timoshkova‬

Yes, There’s A Person In There

Frida Quarantine

Getty Museum Challange

I Live By Myself So I Had To Set Set A 10s Timer And Run Into Position

My Wife’s Getty Museum Challenge

Museum Challange

Getty Challenge - Frida Kahlo

My Cousin Did One Of Those Art Recreations

My Sister In-Law's Getty Museum Challenge. Innocence By William-Adolphe Bouguereau

"The Scream" By Edvard Munch. Right: A Recreation By Jean-Luc Walraff

My Dad's Getty Museum Challenge; Saturn Devouring His Son By Goya

My Friend And I Recreated This Abstract Peice With Items In Our Kitchen/Living Room

Ceci N'est Pas Un Homm

Caesar At The Rubicon

Picasso - “Dora Maar”

Gustav Klimt , Hygieia. C1900.

Les Amoureux - Magritte

Cosy And Clean Quarantaine

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