56 times people got hilariously terrible tattoos and didn't even know it

We've all experienced regret at some point in our lives, and there's nothing quite like a bad tattoo to bring back those feelings. Valid, around one-quarter of the population in the United States carry some form of body art in the form of a tattoo, but up to half of these formerly proud human canvases may now wish they could get rid of their tattoos.

Before getting a tattoo, most of us take considerable time to select a pattern, consult with a tattoo artist and choose the area of our bodies that best showcase our body art. Most people obtain tattoos after getting drunk, picking up a guitar string, and using ink from a fountain pen. Voila! They have terrible tattoos.

As far as we can tell, there will never be a scarcity of embarrassing tattoos, nor will there ever be a shortage of people willing to share photos of their ugly body art. Bored Panda has gathered a new collection of bad tattoos. These tattoos either did not turn out as intended or make you question what is going through people's minds when they get them. Please scroll down to discover some cautionary tales about the worst tattoos, ranging from awful painters who didn't quite nail it to bizarre aesthetic choices. These anecdotes will serve as a warning to you not to get a tattoo.

1. This guy got a tattoo of a pair of sunglasses on his face.

2. Have a Look at This Guy's New Do

3. I discovered today that the Chinese character on my friend's tattoo translates to "turkey sandwich."

4. Are You Serious, Man?

5. El Señor Nippleriño

6. Jon Bovi's "It's Is My Life" (It Is My Life)

7. Roar

8. This Lion's Thoughts About

9. I'm Speechless

10. Oh My Goodness

11. I Cannot Even Think of the Right Words to Describe This.

12. Based On What I Could See Online, This Tattoo Is Supposed To Be Of "Stars."

13. Maximum Facepalm

14. The transition from third to fourth is always tricky for me.

15. Very Near, Yet Not Quite Near Enough

16. A friend of mine on Facebook wanted a specific tattoo, and the artist did a fantastic job of capturing it.

17. Recently, the step-sister of a friend of mine got a tattoo of her mother.

18. Someone tried to replicate the work of my tattoo artist by getting a nipple tattooed on their arm.

19. The Female Character Who Has a Vegan Tattoo

20. This Is Something That I Remember Seeing On The Top Thigh Of A Female I Went To High School With

21. Getting a Tattoo of Your Child When They Are Born

22. Zipper Tattoo

23. "Angel Wings."

24. Instagram Found. Never Before Have I Guffawed That Much At A Tattoo

25. A Friend Of My On Facebook Seems To Be Quite Proud Of This Jewel

26. You Have Successfully Obtained Gold on Facebook Today

27. If Only Their Familey Had Warned Them

28. The Highest-Quality Picture That He Was Able To Locate Of Him

29. Seen While Riding The Chicago Subway A Bow Tie and Paw Print, or

30. But, Why?

31. Okay, Buddy, Okay

32. Magic Mike, Not So Much

33. This is a Shocking Outrage,

34. even though I warned him not to get a centipede tattoo on his face, my friend got one anyway.

35. This Sick Tattoo of a Tiger's Face

36. Have a Look at This Guy's New Do!

37. Dog Tits

38. The Head of a Turtle

39. The Bananas Made Me Go Around in Circles

40. That's Amazing Angelina's Jolie Portrait

41. My Bad Drunken Choice

42. The Argyle Sock Tattoo That This Man Has

43. I Cannot Decide Whether That Is Brilliant Or Just Awful

44. The Dot Work Is Rather Amazing, but Why?

45. I'd Want a Happy Meal

46. That Guy Certainly Does Love His Turtle

47. "Angel Wings."

48. "My Design"

49. A Friend Spent £100 on Amazon in So to Get a Tattoo Gun. He has a tattoo of Darth Vader on his own body.

50. The "Artist's" Work, which I Come Across regularly on My Facebook Page, Is Quite The Treasure Trove

51. This Item Has Just Been On Facebook

52. Is It Just the Angle, or Does She Have a Pinocchio Arm? 52. It Just the Angle, or Does She Have a Pinocchio Arm?

53. That Is One Adorable Little Sword

54. ICP Facial Make-Up Tattoo. 100% Authentic

55. It Looks Like A Lawsuit

56. I Have Had This Since I Was 16

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